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 Note: Make sure you review my comments below the video!

San Francisco Punchline (2 Minutes):

Notes: Here's what I would recommend when it comes to stand-up comedy videos that you would embed on your own video page:

1. Only offer 1-3 YouTube videos on your primary video page.

2. Your videos should be 2-3 minutes MAX in duration.

Note: Keep in mind that your artist website is designed for agents, bookers and talent buyers to get a quick and accurate snapshot about who you are, what you have done and what you can do on stage. They will NOT spend a great deal of time looking at your videos initially.

In other words, it is NOT advantageous to embed multiple, lengthy YouTube videos of your stand-up comedy on your video page.

3. For the best response from agents, bookers and talent buyers, make sure that in the YouTube videos you offer on your video page that you are generating AT LEAST 18 seconds of laughter for each performing minute.

4. You can have an additional page with videos that is NOT visible in your main navigation with a note at the end of the 1-3 videos you put on your video page that says something like this:

Additional videos are available upon request (just link that sentence to your Contact page).

If you get a request to review more of your stand-up comedy, simply email them the link to your "Additional Videos" page that's NOT in your site navigation (there's more info about this in the information provided in my online course).